May 25, 2013

Dan Brown, His "Gates of Hell" Description of Manila, and the Stupidity of MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino and Other Filipinos

First of all, I didn't read Dan Brown's Inferno and I have no plans of reading it either. I'm not much of a "novel reader". However, these negative comments coming from fellow Filipinos and government officials make me want to puke. What's wrong with you people? Brown is a novelist. He writes fiction. Inferno is a fictional book. I wouldn't care if he calls Manila the gates of a million hells or he claims in his books that Satan lives in Taguig, Makati or wherever. Things you read in novels are products of authors' imaginations. If you take them seriously and believe them to be true, then you are crazy, not to mention stupid. If say, I write a novel titled Impiyerno and create a character walking along Makati Avenue and describing the place as the dirtiest and most lawless avenue in the entire world or say in the entire UNIVERSE, are you going to take the thing like it's for real?

The fact that so many Filipinos are hurt by Brown's description of Manila in his book is because of several reasons. Let me enumerate them for you:
  1.  So many Filipinos don't read. They don't know the difference between fiction and non-fiction. I bet majority of these people coming up with their negative reactions to the issue don't even know who Dan Brown is. They don't know that his works are nothing but imaginations albeit inspired by true or real events.
  2. These same Filipinos think that Dan Brown himself called Manila the "gates of hell". They probably think that the description didn't come from a book. It's easy for this to happen. Just look at the headlines of news stories tackling the issue. "Dan Brown Gates of Hell Comment Infuriates Filipinos". Take that headline for example. It seems to allude that the words came off the mouth of Brown like in an interview or something.
  3. Filipinos are by nature "pikon". Yes, they are. They are too sensitive. They can't stand criticisms even if these criticisms speak the truth. They don't think before they mouth off their reactions.
  4. Filipinos don't like it when you point out their problems to them. They don't like it when people call their cities dirty even though most of their cities are REALLY dirty. They don't like it when people mock their heroes. Take for example Justin Bieber's tweets of knocked-out-senseless Manny Pacquiao. Filipinos took offense. Some politicians even considered banning the singer from entering the Philippines. I also hate Bieber very much but come on. Ban him because of some tweets? 
Anyway, Brown's Inferno also earned the ire of some Filipino politicians. MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino even sent Brown a letter which basically says "Dan Brown, you are a liar." Seriously Mr. Tolentino? Of course, Brown is lying! It's a fiction novel. Fiction. Fiction. Get it?

But then again, if you look into what Brown wrote in his book, they actually speak the truth. Let's take a look into them:
  1. poverty - Check. Hundreds of thousands of families in Manila are living in poverty. Chairman Tolentino is of course not one of them.
  2. suffocating pollution - Check. Manila is one of the most polluted cities in the entire world. Period.
  3. sex trade - All you need to do is walk at night in any of the city's main thoroughfares and you will see how rampant this thing is.
Tolentino says he is disappointed by Brown's "inaccurate portrayal" of his "beloved" Manila.What's inaccurate about that? 99% of what Brown said is true. Poverty and pollution envelopes Manila. What's inaccurate about that?

Tolentino then goes on to babble about God, faith, spirit, hope and whatever. And he further says that Brown failed to acknowledge the good character and compassion of Manila citizens for each other. Manila has the highest rates of criminal activities in this country. You call that good character and compassion? Who's lying now? Tolentino or Brown?

And here's the most shocking statement of 2013. Toelntino calls Manila the "entry to heaven". Teehee.

It's sad. It's shameful how stupidly sensitive this Tolentino and other Filipinos are. I bet if Brown says Manila is the cleanest city in the world, Tolentino will welcome him to Manila with bouquets of flowers and a motorcade.

May 5, 2013

Frontrow Enterprise Philippines Review: Is It a Scam or Not?

In this Frontrow Enterprise Philippines review, we are going to look into the details surrounding the company and its business model to see and determine whether it is a scam or not. However, that isn't just our purpose here.

We're also going to look into the various aspects of the business opportunity to determine if indeed it is a true and sustainable one. Can you really earn an income from it? How do you earn from it? What are the products and services it offers? These are just some of the matters we are going to cover in this article.

The fact that you are reading this article can mean a few things.
  • You have heard of Frontrow online or through a friend and you've been invited to join the business. With that said, you are probably thinking of joining but before you do, you want to learn more about the company and how it works and operates.
  • You've already joined Frontrow but due to some circumstances (favorable or not), you have some questions that you want to ask. Questions the answers of which can only be supplied by people outside of the company.
  • You just want to learn more about the business opportunity.
Well, in this honest and unbiased review of Frontrow Enterprise Philippines, we're going to try to provide answers and information about the matters mentioned above. Before anything else, I would like to state that most of the things you will read in this article are my thoughts and opinions. I'll probably be including excerpts or parts of what other people has written about the company. These excerpts and parts will be easy to identify as I will be attributing them to their original writers.

First of all, I would like to say that I've never joined the company. I know, I know, I know what you're thinking. You are probably saying that who am I to review a company if I haven't tried it? Well, there's what we call research, understanding what you've researched and looking into every corner of the company in question. I repeat, the contents of this Frontrow Enterprise Philippines review are based on research I've done about the company. It's up to you. If you deem me not credible enough (having not joined the company) to write this review, there's the "x" button on the top right corner of the screen.

Anyway, for those willing to read this review, here we go.

If you do a search for "frontrow enterprise philippines" on Google, there about three websites in the top results that are about the company (, and It's a bit confusing if which ones of these is the official website for the company. I do think however that is the official one.

Frontrow Enterprise Philippines is a direct-selling/multi-level marketing company. They are selling health, beauty and wellness products. It's a company founded by two individuals, Samuel Verzosa and Raymond "RS" Francisco. The company website's "About" page refers to the two founders as having "introduced a new formula for success in the multi-level marketing industry". As to what that "new formula" is, I don't know but I think I have an idea. You've probably seen ads of Frontrow online where they feature pictures of models who look like they've just come from the pages of a beauty magazine. To the untrained eye, these ads seem to be selling something else other than a networking business opportunity. You see picture perfect models and what immediately comes to mind are modeling and advertising. It's misleading, to say the least.

Some of Frontrow's distributors aren't even sure about the kind of business that Frontrow is in. Take for instance this posting in a Philippine-based forum. "Good day, this is Chico of Front Row Enterprise Philippines Inc. It is an Advertising company that caters photo shoots dance & acting workshops, fashion shows, modeling and events. Who wants to work in advertising: Advertising staffs, Business associate, Models, Endorser."

Frontrow, what exactly are you? Are you an advertising company, a modeling agency, or what. Well, you can't fully put the blame on Frontrow here since majority of the ads being put out there, like the one above, are ads made by the company's distributors. However, these are ads created by distributors as inspired by the image that the company is trying to project.

So here's the thing. Frontrow is a multi-level marketing company. It's not an advertising company nor a modeling agency. So don't get misled by the ads you see all over the internet that seem to be looking for models and whatnot. What's scary is that Frontrow doesn't seem to be having some sort of control over these misleading ads. They are just letting it be.

The founders of Frontrow are Raymond Francisco and Samuel Versoza. Francisco is the president and Verzosa is the CEO. Anyway, what I want to know is what makes these two individuals credible enough (having no background in the health and wellness industry) to be selling products that are supposed to make you healthier and illness-free?
I'm going to STOP right here. After doing a lot of reading about the company, its products and its compensation plan, I just see no reason why you should be investing your time and money into the company. You are better off investing your money in other opportunities. Use your money as capital to start your own business. That's what I'll recommend. So I'm cutting this review right now. I'm not going to waste my time and yours trying to explain why  think Frontrow isn't a sustainable business opportunity.

Is Frontrow a scam? I can't say that it is a scam since there are people getting paid for their efforts. However, you can make the same amount of money by investing your money elsewhere. Frontrow is just another multi-level marketing company who focuses on recruitment and not on the products. If you are a celebrity who has millions of fans, yes you can easily make millions of pesos with Frontrow. If not, better use your money somewhere else.
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To end this thing, I'm just going to leave a quote here I once read somewhere about the MLM industry. "The 99% pays for the lifestyle of the 1%". The fancy cars, the checks worth millions of pesos, the vacation photos you see that recruiters use to convince you, these are owned by the 1%. All of these were paid for by the 99%. In a nutshell, stay away from Frontrow. Don't believe in the myth that if you join Frontrow, you are no longer an employee. Have you seen the video on YouTube where the so-called Frontrow Millionaire's Club talk about being employees before then becoming millionaires when they joined Frontrow? That's not true. If you join Frontrow, you are still an employee, only under a different company.

These are my thoughts. Is Frontrow for you? That's for you to decide. It's your money after all. But always remember that in MLM, "The 99% pays for the lifestyle of the 1%".

Thanks for reading this Frontrow Philippines review. I hope we were able to help you come up with an informed decision if the business opportunity is for you or not.
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