August 26, 2013

Baguio Peanut Brittle: a Nice Pasalubong and a Favorite Among Tourists in Baguio City

The Baguio Peanut Brittle is a very popular food product in the beautiful mountain city of Baguio in the Philippines. It's popular among the locals and the thousands of tourists that visit the city every month. In fact, the city has become almost synonymous to the term "peanut brittle". Say peanut brittle and the city of Baguio will come to mind. 

It can be bought at dozens of food shops and souvenir kiosks in the city. They are also available in stores near bus stops. If you want to shop around and look for the best peanut brittle, it's best that you go to the Baguio City Public Market. There you can find a lot of shops selling the product.

Baguio peanut brittle price:
The product can be bought at different prices. There are several factors that affect the price of a peanut brittle pack or bottle. For example, if it comes from a well-known brand, the price will obviously be higher. The stocks of peanut brittles being sold in the city come from several manufacturers and suppliers. Some of these suppliers deliver better products so their price tags are normally higher. A regular-sized plastic container of Baguio peanut brittle usually costs Php50 (Philippine pesos). Some sell for Php60 and some can go as high as Php100.

A common marketing tactic of the vendors is to sell the products in threes. For example, three containers of peanut brittle can cost Php100. If you buy the same products at Php50 each, you will be paying Php150. That said, buying the products in threes will save you a good amount of money. In the example given, you will save Php50.

Baguio peanut brittle recipe:
If you wish to create your own peanut brittle similar to those being manufactured in Baguio City, it's best that you personally visit the suppliers who cook and manufacture the products. They are easy to find as they usually have their contact details like address and phone number on the labels of their peanut brittle products. Most of them will be more than willing to welcome you and show you how they cook their products. If you can't personally come up to Baguio and see the cooking process yourself, you can just find recipes posted by food enthusiasts on the internet. The process of cooking the products are usually the same and can be easily followed.

So if you are visiting Baguio City anytime soon, it's highly recommended that you get a taste of their famous peanut brittle. They are very affordable and will make good treats and snacks. They are also great as a "pasalubong", the Filipino term that refers to the gifts that somebody gives to friends or family after traveling to a particular place.

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