August 23, 2013

How and Where to Sell or Exchange Your Unwanted Amazon Gift Cards for Cash or PayPal Funds

Do you have Amazon gift cards that you wish to sell or exchange for either cash or PayPal funds? In this article, I'm going to show you your possible options. These options enable you to exchange your gift cards for cash, PayPal funds or even other gift cards. For instance, you can barter your Amazon gift card for an iTunes gift card. There are several websites that allow you to do this.

If you have unwanted Amazon gift cards in your hands, why not sell them instead of seeing them languish in your account. The great thing about these cards from Amazon is that they don't have expiration dates. You can sell them today or next week or even next month. This gives you a lot of time to look for buyers.

Don't sell your Amazon gift cards on eBay
I tried listing some cards there and I got scammed more than once. That said, I won't recommend using eBay. Besides, I've heard that gift cards that are to be delivered to buyers electronically or via email are no longer accepted there. Anyway, you've been warned.

My favorite place to trade and sell my Amazon gift cards
Reddit. Yes, this is the place where I sell most of my cards. I've sold and traded dozens of cards there and I've never been scammed. Not even once. This doesn't mean however that there are no scammers on Reddit. There are a lot of them in fact. Before entering into a deal with anyone on the site, make sure that he/she has good comment and link karma. This means that he/she is a trusted user and is likely to scam you. To trade or sell your cards on Reddit, just go to the subreddit and create a thread there advertising your offer. There's a standard format that you need to follow in creating your thread. Just browse through the other postings to find out how it's done.

Other ways on how to sell your Amazon gift cards
If you aren't able to dispose of your cards on Reddit, you can try any of the gift card sites listed at the end of this article. I've never tried any of these sites since I'm quite satisfied using Reddit. One disadvantage of using these gift card sites is that most of them choose the selling price for your cards. For example, if you have a $10 card, they'll buy it at 80% for $8. Some gift card sites even go as low as 50%.

When you use Reddit, you can sell your cards at any price you want. Anyway, if you wish to use a gift card site, here are some of your options:

Card Hub
Monster Gift Card
Gift Card Monkey
GiftCard Zen
ABC Gift Cards

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