August 12, 2013

How To Look For Apartments In Baguio City

Being the popular tourist destination it has become, there aren't much problems when it comes to looking for apartments in Baguio City. To accommodate the thousands of both local and foreign tourists who arrive in the mountain city every month, there are hundreds of hotels, inns, lodging houses, transient houses and apartments scattered all over the city. In some cases, you need not look for one because the moment you alight from the bus, you'll be met by people offering places where you can stay. 

Getting the services of these people can be an option if you arrived in the city unprepared, meaning you haven't made any plans or reservations as to where you should stay. However, it's highly recommended that before you buy that bus ticket going to Baguio City, you should make some plans on where you and your entourage should stay, be it a hotel, inn or apartment. Making plans has become much easier these days as you can often find and contact major hotels and apartments online via their websites or blogs. Some of them also have accounts in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and travel-based social sites.

If you are looking for cheap apartments in Baguio City, a good place to start is an area near a college or university. There are several major universities in Baguio. These include Saint Louis University, University of Baguio, University of the Cordilleras, University of the Philippines Baguio and Pines City Colleges. These universities cater to thousands of students from all over the Philippines. That said, these universities are usually surrounded by apartment buildings to cater to the housing needs of the students. Also, it follows that these apartments often charge less rental fees because most of their clients are students. So if you want a cheap Baguio City apartment, try looking near a university. These universities are easy to find and they are near each other. Just take a cab and ask the driver to take you to the university of your choice.

As we stated earlier in this article, you can look for apartments in Baguio City using the internet. A lot of the landowners and caretakers of apartments list their units in classified ads sites online. Some of them also have their own websites and blogs as well as profiles in popular social media sites like Facebook. To start your search, you can use classified ad listing sites like Just go to the real estate section of any of the sites and type in your search keywords. Just typing in “Baguio City apartment” will do. You will be provided with listings of apartments available for occupancy in the area. It pays to mention here that you should be extra vigilant when dealing with the people who posted the listings. Always be wary of scammers and fake listings.

Rental rates for apartments in Baguio City vary significantly. These differences can be in the thousands of pesos even though the two apartments are in the same area or offer the same deals. With that said, you should move and ask around. Canvass for the cheapest rates and deals. A day or two of canvassing can translate to thousands of monthly savings in rental fees.

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