August 27, 2013

How to Promote Affiliate Products Using Facebook

Before we proceed on how you can promote affiliate products using Facebook, let us look into some facts first:
1. Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. Its closest competitors are very far behind when it comes to overall traffic, influence, and of course the number of active users.
2. Facebook has over 800 million registered members/users. Tens of millions more are signing up each and every month. With the rate that it's been growing, it will just be a matter of time before we see it hit the one billion users mark.
3. Facebook is now head to head with search giant Google when it comes to web traffic.

If these facts don't make you stand up and start marketing on Facebook like crazy, I don't know what will. But this I will tell you – using Facebook can easily shoot your affiliate earnings through the roof. That is of course if you do it with the right techniques and the right attitude.

You use Facebook to reconnect with your old friends and find new ones, right? You share with each other photos, videos, and links to external websites that you find interesting. Where you come in as an affiliate marketer is in the sharing part. To put it simply, you just take your affiliate links then share and post them on Facebook. However, there's more to it than just posting your affiliate links on your Facebook wall. Sharing your affiliate links with your Facebook friends is just a small part of the picture. Besides, you won't make much or not make anything at all if this is your only strategy. Even if you have a thousand friends on Facebook, you will likely not make very much.

Let me show you the best and most effective way on how to promote affiliate products using Facebook. Just take note and apply later on the following steps on how to do it.
1. Create a Facebook Page for your affiliate products. Take note that a Facebook Page is different from a Facebook Profile. A Profile can only be viewed by people who are logged into Facebook while a Page can be viewed by anyone online whether he's logged into Facebook or not. The advantage of a Page over a Profile is pretty obvious. The more than 500 million members on Facebook can see your Profile. But with a Page, the billions of internet users can see it.
2. For this technique to work, you have to be promoting affiliate products that belong to the same or related niche. To be able to illustrate effectively, let's say you are promoting “internet marketing tools and resources”. There are hundreds of affiliate products that belong to this niche. These include ebooks, subscription-based newsletters, downloadable softwares, pay per view videos, members-only webinars, etc.
3. Log into your Facebook account, click on the “Pages” tab located on the left side bar then click on “Create a Page”. All you have to do now is fill in the information needed to create the Page. For our example, name your Page “Internet Marketing Tools and Resources”. Upload a professional-looking photo that conveys clearly what your products are all about. If you have a website or blog that's related to what you're promoting, put them in your Page as well.

4. Once your Page is done, you will then have to focus your attention in getting Facebook users to “Like” your page. When a Facebook user “Likes” your Page, his/her wall and newsfeed will be updated whenever you post something new to your Page. So the more “Likes” you get, the better. Ask your existing friends to “Like” and share your Page. Do this in a regular basis. You can also use external websites that allow you to increase your Facebook “Likes”. A very good example of this is Twiends. You can easily acquire 100 “Likes” by spending just one or a couple of hours on Twiends. The service is free to use so there is no reason why you shouldn't make use of it.
5. You may start to promote affiliate products using Facebook once you start getting “Likes”. The earlier you start placing your affiliate links on your Page's wall, the better. As we stated earlier, all the affiliate products you're going to promote should all be on the same niche. For our example, since our Page is about internet marketing tools and resources, then post only affiliate links that have something to do with internet marketing.
6. Don't just post affiliate links. Use other types of content like internet marketing videos your found on YouTube or links to internet marketing articles and blog posts you found in various websites and blogs.
7. Keep doing steps 5 and 6 every day. If you come across a new internet marketing affiliate product, then post it on your Page. If you come across a great article about internet marketing, post it as well. In time, the number of your Facebook followers will grow. They become more and more targeted thus if you promote an affiliate product, they will more likely purchase it.

That's pretty much all of it. Just find a niche which you think has a lot of affiliate products associated with it then start applying the above steps and tips.

For comments and suggestions or if you have some additional tips on how to promote affiliate products using Facebook, feel free to leave them on the comments section below. Thanks.

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