August 12, 2013

Things to Do in SM City Baguio

SM City Baguio is the largest and most popular shopping center in the city known for being the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Located atop the historic Session Road, the shopping mall offers everything from food courts, supermarkets, movie theaters, saloons, gyms, gaming centers and a whole lot more.

This is why the place has become a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike. Although Baguio City is already a well-known tourist spot even before SM was built there, the shopping center without a doubt added more reasons for people to visit the city. A Baguio trip would not be complete without visiting SM City.

Here are some of the things that you can do in SM City Baguio:

1. Dine at the SM Food Court. Located on the first floor of the shopping mall, the food court offers a huge selection of menus and delicacies from all over the Philippines. You will find all sorts of dishes from different regions of the country. Ilocano dishes, Cebu dishes, Batangas dishes, you name it, they have it. There are probably a dozen food stalls so you really have a lot of choices. And yes, don't worry, the food are very affordable. So if you are tired of what the Jollibees, McDonalds and KFCs have to offer, why not give the SM Food Court a visit? You will whet your appetite for good food there. That's a guarantee.

2. Watch the latest Tagalog and Hollywood movies. On the top floor of the establishment are four movie theaters. Majority of the films being shown there are the latest offerings from Hollywood. Sometimes, a Tagalog movie or two is in the mix but this is kind of rare since the Philippines is not as prolific as it used to be when it comes to producing commercial movies. So if you are a foreign tourist longing for the kind of entertainment you have back home, the movie theaters in SM are a good place to hang out.

3. View the city of Baguio from SM's high verandas. For the best views, you should go to the top floor of the shopping center. From there, you can pretty much look down at some of the most popular parts of Baguio City. You can take a full view of the famous Burnham Park with the man-made lake in the center. You can see the Baguio Cathedral which is one of the most distinguishable landmarks in the city. If you want to take closer looks at the things around you, there are a few huge telescopes installed in the verandas that you can use.

4. Shop. The mall has dozens of stores that sell everything from electronic gadgets, designer clothes, wrist watches, sports equipment, fashion accessories, used books and many more. For grocery shopping, there's a supermarket at the first floor, near the SM Food Court. For fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, there's the huge stall just outside the main entrance.

These are just a few of the things that you can do in SM City Baguio. To find out all that the shopping center offers, you should give it a visit.

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