September 27, 2013

Bamboo Flowers Movie by Maryo J. Delos Reyes

Bamboo Flowers (formerly called The Bamboo Flower) is a Filipino film directed by Maryo J. Delos Reyes. Seed funds for the production and realization of the movie project was provided by the Film Development Council of the Philippines or FDCP. Delos Reyes was among the 12 directors chosen by the FDCP to participate in the 2013 edition of the Sineng Pambansa dubbed the All-Masters Edition. The film was shot in Bohol.

The film was written by Aloy Adlawan.

Joining director Delos Reyes in the film festival are Elwood Perez (Otso), Gil M. Portes (Ang Tag-araw Ni Twinkle), Romy V. Suzara (Tinik), Mel Chionglo (Lauriana), Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes (Sonata), Chito S. Rono (Badil), Joel Lamangan (Lihis), Jose Javier Reyes (Ano Ang Kulay ng mga Nakalimutang Pangarap), and Tikoy Aguilus (Eman).

Bamboo Flowers cast
  • Mylene Dizon as Sandra, A native of Bohol who goes back to the province impoverished after losing her husband through a tragic death.
  • Max Collins as Dolores, A Tourism undergraduate who does his OJT in a posh resort; heartbroken when her boyfriend decides to go back to his hometown; meets an old tourist who offers her an opportunity of a lifetime.
  • Yogo Singh as Eric
  • Orlando Sol as Luis, Dolores' boyfriend, a graduating student in a Maritime school who couldn’t pass his final exams because he is intellectually challenged. He goes back to his town heartbroken.
  • Ruru Madrid as Omel, a teenager who lived his life by the river dancing and singing to tourists. His life is turned around when he decides to go to Tagbilaran to work for his family.
  • Irma Adlawan as Berta, Omel’s mother; a tourist guide volunteer in the Abatan River cruise who feels incapacitated to help her family.
  • Spanky Manikan as Andong, Omel’s grandfather, the one who taught Omel how to dance and sing for the tourists. 
  • Diva Montelaba as Lumen, Luis’ older sister, a widow and single mother who dreams of finishing college. He blames her brother Luis for all the chances she missed.
  • Neil Ryan Sese
  • Paul Homme as Walter, a foreigner
  • Miggs Cuaderno as Bingo
  • Barbara Miguel
  • Gino Antonio
  • Leandro Baldemor
  • Xyruz Cruz
  • Ashley Strom 

The film got its title from the leaf formations that hang from bamboo trees. Such formations usually look like chandeliers and they are often mistaken as beehives or anthills. Director Delos Reyes first saw such leaf formations during a leisure cruise along Abatan River in Bohol. The experience inspired him to make it as a theme for his film Bamboo Flowers.

Delos Reyes had the following to say in the film's Facebook page: "What are the Bamboo Flowers? They are the chandelier-shaped leaf formations that hang on bambbo trees as they they start to age. When they bloom, they are usually mistaken as beehives or floating anthills. They usually last for 2-4 years and start to wither after which the bamboo tree dies. When I first saw them on a leisure cruise at the ABATAN RIVER, , I got inspired by the paradox of their existence and adapted the theme in my upcoming entry to the Sineng Pambansa All-Masters Edition National Film Festival come September 7, 2013. Watch it soon!"

About the film:
A film that talks about the youth's problems, hopes and aspirations; about love and life; about sacrifice, forgiveness and acceptance; about life and death.

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