September 3, 2013

Bubblews Bot: I Hate Bubblews Bots

Due to the way Bubblews works wherein articles make money based on the number of views, likes and comments that they generate, there are some people out there who are trying to game the system by using some sort of Bubblews bot. This is obviously against the rules and policies of Bubblews but there are still people who do it. I was browsing through an online forum when I came across this forum thread where people are discussing a certain Bubblews bot which can increase views and likes for your Bubblews articles.

Take note that this bot is automated which means that it can drive massive artificial traffic to Bubblews in such short periods of time. The forum thread even contain screen capture pages of the articles and the number of views they are generating through the Bubblews bot. I immediately reported the forum thread to a moderator and as of today, the thread was locked and deleted. However, what bothers me is that those people will probably continue to use the same bot here in Bubblews which is really unfair for people like me who write my articles from scratch and drive traffic to them using approved and ethical traffic-generation strategies.

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It’s really sad that these type of bots exist. These bots will not only hurt Bubblews as a whole, it will also hurt the writers here who follow all the rules and policies. I’m really hoping that Bubblews has some sort of defense against these bots before they do any damage. I’ve been writing here for several months now and I’m enjoying it here. Bubblews has a lot of cool features that you can’t find in other writing sites. It will be a shame if Bubblews goes down the drain because of irresponsible bots created by irresponsible people.

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