September 3, 2013

Bubblews Review: Is It a Scam Or Is It Legit?

The fact that you are reading this article means that you are wondering if Bubblews is a scam. Your are probably thinking of registering with the site but you are still unsure if it's going to be worth your time and efforts. That's a good thing because you can never be too careful these days wherein dozens of scam websites proliferate the web. It's always the best strategy to research extensively about a website before joining. That is even if the website is a free site. Anybody can just set up a website, attract users, and once he/she gets what he/she wants, he'll/she'll pack the shop and disappear, never to be seen again. This happens in a regular basis in the internet.

This brings us back to Bubblews. Bubblews is a fairly new site so it's just natural for people to be skeptical about it. In fact, there are already those people who are proclaiming that Bubblews is a scam. It's too hard to determine what their motives are in proclaiming such but then again this is the internet where anyone can say anything without any proof to back up their claims and ideas. The scary thing is that there are also people who would believe everything that they read online. So if they read an article about a Bubblews scam, they will readily believe it. This is unfortunate but it's true. Sometimes, people throw critical thinking out the window and believe everything they read online.

Anyway, the question is “Is Bubblews a scam?”. Well, as far as I am concerned, it's NOT a scam. I've been here just a few weeks and I've already redeemed my Bubblews earnings once. I've been paid via PayPal and that means that Bubblews is legit. They pay their users as they promised. What's great about the payment structure is that you don't have to wait for the end of the month to redeem your earnings. You can redeem as long as you have reached the minimum payout threshold of 25 dollars. For example, if you are able to earn 50 dollars in a single week, you can redeem your earnings twice in the same week by withdrawing your earnings every time they reached 25 dollars.

How much you are paid in Bubblews depends on how many views, social media shares and comments your articles get. You get paid for every view. At first, I didn't believe this but after studying the site for a while, they are indeed true to their words. You are paid for every view and comment that your articles get. How much you are paid per view depends on the current earnings of Bubblews. It's a really unique setup which raises a few concerns but overall, everything seems smooth and good. People are earning healthy amounts from their posts and that's what really matters. This just proves that there is no such thing as a Bubblews scam.

So what are you waiting for? Join Bubblews now and get to enjoy the features and earning potential that it offers. To start using Bubblews, just click on the link below to register. It's free to join so you have nothing to lose. Click on the link below to join Bubblews. Best of luck to you

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