September 3, 2013

How to Maximize Your Bubblews Payment

If you have been around Bubblews for a while, then you know that your Bubblews payment is based on the number of views, likes and comments that your articles get. Whether your visitors click on ads or not, you still get paid for every view depending on the current rate. The average pay ver view though is around $0.01. That means that if an article of yours gets 100 views, it’slikely that it will earn around $1. Doing the math, you need 1000 views to earn around $10. Now here’s the good news, you can redeem your earnings if it reaches the minimum payout threshold of $25. You can redeem such earnings anytine during a given month. So if you reach the $25 threshold twice in a month, then you can redeem your earnings twice a month as well. That’s what’s great about Bubblews.

Here are some tips on how to maximize your Bubblews payment:
1. Try to hold out for your earnings before you redeem them. Every time you redeem your earnings when it reaches $25 via Paypal, you will be charged with a fee that’s around $1. You can save from these fees by withdrawing your earnings when you reach bigger amounts, say $50 or $100.

2. You are allowed to post 10 articles in a day. So why not maximize that and write 10 quality posts a day. The more you post on Bubblews, the faster your income grows. There’s a direct relationship between number of posts and amount of earnings. However, you must make sure that every piece of article you publish is of good quality.

3. Share your articles in your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. These social networking sites are great sources of highly targeted traffic so you must take advantage of them.

4. Connect with other Bubblews writers. Visit other people’s content, read them and leave your feedback and reactions.

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These four simple tips can help you increase and maximize your Bubblews payment earnings. So implement them whenever you can.

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