September 6, 2013

How to Write Follow-Up Emails to Your List

Getting people to join your mailing list is but the first step in your sales funnel. Once people get in your list, you need to communicate with them in ways that will help them turn form mere prospects into buying customers. Needless to say, this is easier said than done. The primary goal of an email list is to generate leads or subscribers then effectively convert them into customers. For you to be able to do this, you must keep in touch with your subscribers and regularly provide them with valuable content and interesting offers. This is where your skills in crafting an effective follow-up comes into place. To help you get started, below are a few practical tips on how to write a follow-up email.

1. Deliver what you promised to your subscribers. Whether you used a squeeze page or a third-party in getting subscribers, you must fulfill your promises. If you promised them a free ebook, then give it to them. If you promised a tutorial, then provide a tutorial. In fact, as much as possible, try to over-deliver. Give your subscribers more than what you promised. This will significantly improve your reputation. Be helpful whenever you can. Every follow-up email you send should contain something that each subscriber can use or learn from.

2. Keep your messages relevant. It's never a good idea to go off-topic because those in your list might unsubscribe. The general rule is that you should stick to the type of content you promised when people joined your list. If people signed up with you because you offered them "affiliate marketing" tips, then you should only send them new content related to affiliate marketing. This is especially true when you are doing promotions. Your follow-up email must only promote products or services that will interest your subscribers.

3. Send more valuable content and less promotions. If you send too much promotions, you will sound like a spammer. That said, you should balance out your messages. For example, you can send four content messages before sending a promotion message. Use these content messages to build up interest for the product you are promoting.

4. Listen to the needs of your subscribers. Always take the time to gather feedback from your subscribers. Listen to what they have to say, analyze them, then try to incorporate what you've learned in your next email campaign. Whenever you try to learn how to write a follow-up email, always keep in mind the needs of your subscribers.

5. Give more free stuff. People love free deals so give it to them whenever you have the chance. This keeps the communication line active. Not only do you make your subscribers happy, it also strengthens the bond that joins you together.

6. Plan in advance your follow-up emails. It's much easier and faster to implement an email marketing campaign if you are following a plan. There are a lot of tools out there that you can use to create a plan.These include spread sheets, apps, and mind maps.

These practical tips on how to write a follow-up email will substantially improve the results you generate in your email marketing campaigns. So implement them whenever you can.

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