September 3, 2013

The Best Strategies on How to Increase Your Bubblews Earnings

The fact that you are reading this article means you are looking for ways and strategies on how to grow and increase your Bubblews earnings. It could be that you are not satisfied with the amount you are currently earning from the site or it's possible that you are not earning anything at all. The latter is however impossible because Bubblews pays by the views so unless you are getting zero views for your articles, you should still be earning something. As of the writing of this article, Bubblews pays its writers an average of $0.01 per unique view. That means you only need 100 article views to earn one dollar. This is what makes Bubblews very popular among content writers looking for ways to earn a buck from their work.

Anyway, here are some of the best strategies and techniques on how to increase your earnings from Bubblews. If you haven't signed up with the site yet, just click on the following link, sign up, and return to this page to continue reading how you can earn more from Bubblews.

1. Learn the basics of search engine optimization and implement what you learned in creating your Bubblews articles. SEO isn't very difficult to digest. It's just a matter of understanding how people search online. You have to look for the terms and phrases that they are using to search for information and products in the internet. You then grab these terms and phrases and incorporate them in your articles. To find these keywords, you have to do some keyword research. Don't worry, doing keyword research is also easy. For starters, you should use the Google Keyword Suggestion tool. It's free and it's rather easy to use. Another important factor of SEO that you must understand is link building or backlinking. Building links that point to your Bubblews articles will help improve their rankings in Google.

2. Write often. The more Bubblews articles you write, the more money you earn. It's as simple as that. This works pretty well with Bubblews because it pays you based on the number of views that your articles get. Two articles is often better than one. However, you should keep in mind that there's a limit as to the number of articles you can post on Bubblews in one day. If I'm not mistaken, that limit is 10 articles a day. If you go beyond that limit, you run the risk of getting banned from the site. Additionally, just because you are allowed 10 posts a day, that doesn't give you the right to spam the site with very low quality content just for the sake of reaching the post limit. You also have to make sure that you are submitting valuable content.

3. Interlink your Bubblews articles. You should only do this with articles that are related to each other. They don't have to be on the same niche but they must complement each other. This is a great way to expose more of your articles by leveraging the traffic that your articles receive.

4. Be active in Bubblews and interact with other users and writers. Always remember that your earnings are also affected by the comments and votes that they get. The more comments and votes your articles get, the more your Bubblews earnings increase. So take the time to read other people's articles, comment if you have something to add and vote up if you find them valuable and interesting.

5. Promote your articles in social media sites. If you regularly promote your articles in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or other social media sites you have joined, the traffic that you can drive to your articles also grows. Additionally, there's always the chance that your content can go viral in a social media site. Imagine how much traffic and earnings you'll generate from Bubblews if an article of yours goes viral on Facebook.

6. Write longer and better articles. Although you can submit articles that are just a few paragraphs long on Bubblews, it's still best that you focus on creating content that are longer and has better quality. This is still the best way on how to increase your Bubblews earnings. As they say, content is still king.

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These six strategies are everything that you need to grow and increase your Bubblews earnings. To recap: learn how to implement search engine optimization, write more often, interlink your articles, be active in the site, promote your articles in social networking sites, and write longer and better-quality content. There's no reason why your Bubblews earnings shouldn't increase if you follow these techniques.

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