October 28, 2013

A Good Example of a Unique Online Marketer and SEO Professional CV

About Me:A trained digital marketer and an experienced marketing analyst, I take pride of the fact that after several years of being in the online marketing industry, I was able to help hundreds of individuals, businesses, and brands attain positive results with regards to their online plans and goals. From market research to website optimization to reputation management, I've been there with them to make certain that everything plays out according to their plans. And that the desired results continue to flow towards the clients in the long run. These years of hands-on experience has unveiled all the ups and downs of the internet marketing industry thus molding me into a BETTER and MORE well-informed online marketer/analyst.

I'm proficient in the following fields:
*Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
*Digital Public Relations
*Online Reputation Management
*Keyword Research
*Search Engine Rankings Analysis
*Social Media Marketing and Social Media Reputation Management
*Market Research and Analysis

Achievements and Qualifications:I completed a full university course on internet marketing. The course focused on the tools, tactics and best practices of interactive marketing. Parts of the topics covered were web analytics applications, search engine marketing techniques, viral marketing strategies, and profit-oriented web design. This is where I got started and polished my digital marketing skills. While in the process of completing the course, I worked part-time in related fields like content marketing, video optimization and promotion as well as social media marketing. I helped local businesses and brands build their online exposure through web 2.0 sites like Facebook, Twitter, and various blogging platforms such as Wordpress, Medium and Blogger.

Online visibility is the utmost concern when a business decides to go digital. With a HUGE interest on online markets and how they work, I invested a large chunk of my time helping entrepreneurs and companies expand their online reach. I've focused mainly on search engines (Google in particular) and how they can be utilized for marketing campaigns. In the process, I've worked alongside experts in the fields of search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online reputation management.Working alongside peers and professionals from various fields in the online marketing industry was a learning experience on its own. I picked up a trade, a tip, a trick, a strategy, etc. from every work experience.

Another niche I extensively work on is market research and analysis. I provide my services to various clients from small local businesses to large international companies. I help them find markets for their products before the products are even created. That's market research. Market analysis on the other hand involves helping the clients determine if the identified potential market is profitable or sustainable enough.

October 26, 2013

Lipat Bahay Truck for Rent: How to Look for One in the Philippines

"Lipat bahay" is the Filipino term for the act of moving from one home or apartment to another. "Lipat" means transfer in English and "bahay" means house. So in essence, the phrase "lipat bahay" translates to "transfer house/home". It's the term that Filipinos usually use when referring to moving out of their homes or current place of residence. They use variations of the phrase. Below are a few examples.

Lilipat ako/kami ng bahay.; I'm moving out of my/our house.
Kelangan talaga namin na lumipat ng bahay.; We really need to move out of the house.

Just like in other countries, there's a whole industry built around businesses that help people in moving out of their homes and transferring to another home or apartment. A company or business that offers such services is simply referred to as a "Lipat Bahay". 

Ads for these services can be seen in the classified ads of most newspapers and magazines in the Philippines. You can also find flyers and posters advertising such services in streets especially in the cities.

"Lipat bahay" businesses in the Philippines make use of various vehicles when delivering their services. Some use customized buses, some use vans and some use jeepneys. Most businesses make use of the jeepney when transferring their clients from their old homes to their new homes. This is often more convenient and faster because the jeepney can accommodate more items. If they are going to use a van, they might have to make two trips.

Looking for a lipat bahay business or company in the Philippines is not that very hard to do.As we said earlier, you can find their advertisements almost everywhere - in newspapers, in magazines, in street posters and flyers.

October 16, 2013

Antong Falls: a Tourist Destination in Sison, Pangasinan

Antong Falls may not be a well-known destination in the province of Pangasinan but it’s a great destination nonetheless. As more visitors of the Falls spread the word about the place, it’s rise as a top destination in the province is inevitable. Located within the municipality of Sison, Antong Falls is a nice place to visit if you love cool and crystal-clear waters. Antong Falls is actually a series of three waterfalls. The upper cascades of these waterfalls is called Limmingaling Falls. The place is open from 6 am to 5 pm. So spending a night there is definitely prohibited.

Take note as well that there’s an entrance fee of 10 pesos per head. When you are there, you should also abide by the rules and regulations. For example, fishing in the river is not allowed. Since the place is open for group and family picnics, people are allowed to cook in the area. However, you can’t just cook anywhere you want. There are designated areas for cooking so you should only use these designated areas. Violators of the rules will be asked to pay penalties that range from 300 to 5,000 pesos depending on the violation. There’s a sign board at the picnic area detailing the rules and regulations. You should read these before you proceed doing anything in the waterfalls.

How to get to Antong Falls
If you are coming from the city of Manila, just board a bus bound for any of the following destinations: Laoag City, Baguio City, Vigan City, La Union, Candon City and Abra. You can find many of these bus stations in Cubao or Pasay City. These buses will pass through Sison, Pangasinan where the Antong Falls are located.

You need to get off at the village of Paldit. There’s a connecting road there that leads to the village of Labayug where the Northern Cement Corporation (NCC) is located. At the road intersection, hire a tricycle to take you to the village of Inmalog. If you reach Inmalog, you can just ask from the locals there or inquire at the barangay hall/center as how you can get to the falls.

If you are coming from San Fernando City in La Union, you can ride any of the Dominion buses headed to Cubao then get off at Sison, Pangasinan.

If you are coming from Baguio City, just board any of the Victory Liner, Genesis or Dagupan buses that are bound for Manila. Get off the bus in Sison, Pangasinan and find your way to the waterfalls from there.
Antong Falls in Sison, Pangasinan; Photo: flickr/rawen
Here’s a few tips
1. When you get to Sison, it’s best that you eat there first before you head out to the falls. Going there will require some trekking and hiking. It would be a bad idea to go out hiking to the place with a hungry stomach. Don’t worry, there’s several eateries and food stalls at the drop-off point in Sison.
2. Always keep on asking directions. It will be easy for you to get lost in the area if you don’t ask for directions. The locals are very helpful and hospitable so don’t be shy to ask questions.
3. Bring food and snacks with you to eat at Antong Falls. They have a picnic area there where you can enjoy eating your food under the cool shade of huts or trees.

October 9, 2013

Technowise 360 Review: Is Technowise 360 a Scam? - Part II

Note: This is part two of my Technowise 360 review. If you haven't read Part I yet, I suggest that you go read it first before you continue reading this Part II. The first part of this article can be found here. I've decided to break up the review into two parts because the article was rather too long and I'm afraid that people may get bored reading such a long stretch of text.

And here are the cons (the things I don’t like about Technowise 360):
1. They aren’t offering anything new. They may have introduced a few things on their referral system but these really don’t account much. It’s still the old and traditional referral system with a few added bells and whistles, that’s all. It’s basically “get more referrals and earn more”. You see, there’s really nothing that you can introduce to change the referral concept. Furthermore, their products are also not original products. These are products that you can purchase somewhere else. These are health, personal care, fitness, whitening, and cosmetics products from other companies like Nature’s Way. So the question is why buy from Technowise 360 when you can buy the same products from other companies at lower prices? You see, Technowise 360 here is simply acting like a retailer so in order for them to profit from the products, they need to put a premium on the prices of the products. In a nutshell, Technowise 360 aren’t offering original products. If you sign up as a distributor, it will be much harder for you to sell your products because there will be a ton of competition out there.

2. They also have a loading business which is also unoriginal. I mean come on, there are dozens of loading businesses out there. Can’t Technowise please come up with something new so that we don’t have to compete with the thousands of loading businesses already saturating the market? In this Technowise 360 review, it’s worth mentioning that I checked out their loading opportunity and it does have its perks but I don’t really see how it can be sustainable. It just requires too much work for too little proceeds. I have to say that it’s really not worth it.

3. Joining, registering, and setting up your account is rather too complicated. I’m not a technically-savvy individual but when I browsed through the sign-up process, I got lost quite a few times. I can only imagine the confusion of less tech-savvy persons in joining the company. I would suggest that Technowise 360 create a much better and smoother sign-up process as the current one can only frustrate those trying to join.

4. The lies. The company, the founders and members of Technowise 360 may be aware or not aware of it but they are unconsciously propagating lies regarding the company and the business opportunity it’s offering. For instance, the website says that there will be “no selling”. Look, promotion is selling even if you are simply getting people to sign up and they purchase products on their own. In most instances, a distributor uses the products in the inventory to attract people to join. That in itself is selling (getting people to buy into the company).

The conclusion of this Technowise 360 review:
As much as I admire the ambition and the goals of the founders in creating and setting up such a company, I really don’t see it as sustainable. They have a business model that’s overused already and currently being employed by thousands of other companies. And they have products that are already available somewhere else. I don’t really see how Technowise 360 can grow as a business. You see, in order to thrive in the MLM industry, you should at least have a unique product or service, not a rehashed business model and products that can be bought from a nearby department store. However, if you still wish to try out Technowise 360, you may do so. If you have 360 pesos to spare, why not try it out. Don’t raise your expectations too high though. As I said earlier, I don’t see how Technowise 360 will be able to sustain itself in the long run.

I hope you found our Technowise 360 review helpful. If you have anything to say like recommendations and suggestions, please feel free to leave your feedback at the comments section below. Thanks a lot.

Technowise 360 Review: Is Technowise 360 a Scam? - Part I

In this Technowise 360 review, we are going to look into the business opportunity that the company offers and find out if it’s a good idea to join and invest your hard-earned money into it. You see, you have probably heard a mixture of reviews from friends or colleagues about the company. Some may have told you that Technowise 360 is a scam. On the other hand, some may have told you that it’s legit and that anybody can really earn some extra money from it. This is why we have written this Technowise 360 review. It’s our aim to help you make an informed decision whether you should join Technowise 360 or not.

First things first, Technowise 360 is a network marketing company. That said, its business model revolves around MLM or multi-level marketing. I’m pretty sure that you are familiar with this type of business. If you are not familiar with it, I suggest that you do some reading first about network marketing. There’s a ton of resources online where you can read about it. This is to familiarize yourself with the concept and how it works. It’s really never a good idea to invest your money in a business if you don’t know how the business works.

I’m going to just answer the question that you’re probably waiting for to be answered. Is Technowise 360 a scam? Well, I’m going to say no. Technowise is not a scam but I have to tell you that just because something isn’t a scam doesn’t mean you can REALLY earn good money from it. Let’s face it, a lot of networking companies out there are not scams but they won’t earn you any money. Only those at the top of the company have the REAL opportunities to make some dough.

Anyway, back to our Technowise 360 review. To make this review much easier to understand, I’m going to just list the things that I “like” and “don’t like” about the company and the business opportunity it’s offering. The pros and cons, if you will.

Let’s start with the pros (the things that I like about Technowise 360):
1. Transparency by the founders. I have to give it to the founders of Technowise 360 for putting out their real faces and names for everybody to see. This speaks a lot about their intentions. If you visit the company’s website, the names of the founders and management team were posted alongside a clear photo. This is a good sign because there are faces behind the company unlike other networking companies out there that acts so shady that you don’t even know who owns or who found them. However, I’m a bit worried about the founders as they all seem to be in their 20’s and 30’s. Worried in the sense that “do they have the experience and maturity needed to run a business like this?”. 

2. They have tools, resources and webinars that help their members get the most out of the business opportunity. It’s great that the company is doing everything that it can to help their members. If you visit their YouTube account, you will find videos there that can be of great help to you if you are a member and a distributor. They also have videos on the products in their inventory. As a distributor, you can use these videos to convince other people to check out the company.

3. There’s a way to contact them. Their contact details are posted in their website. These details include a mailing address and a telephone number. You can directly leave your message right on their contacts page.

4. Joining is cheap. It’s only worth 360 pesos. Of course, this is if you plan on earning through the company’s referral system. I’m not going to go deep into the opportunity’s referral system as it can best be explained by the videos and tutorials provided by the company. Basically, the referral system just works like any referral system. The more people you convince to sign up through your referral link, the more earnings you can generate.

Note: This is part one of my Technowise 360 review. The second part can be found here. I've decided to break the review in two parts because the article is rather too long and readers might get tired reading it.

October 1, 2013

Treasure Hunting in the Philippines

As the demand for exotic antiques and historical relics continue to soar, a direct effect of this is an increase in the number of people conducting treasure hunting in the Philippines. These treasure hunters come from all parts of the world. A lot of them are locals who have learned how to go treasure hunting from books, television, movies and articles from varied sources like newspapers, magazines and the internet. Almost anything you wish to know about hunting for treasures can be gleaned from the internet. In fact, there are hundreds of websites, blogs and forums that are specifically dedicated to the business of hunting for treasures. It’s no wonder that interest for treasure hunting in the Philippines continue to grow every day.

What makes the Philippines a popular destination for treasure hunters, you may ask. A really good question. Why are hordes of treasure-hungry people flocking to the archipelago? Obviously, they think and believe that there’s a lot of hidden treasures here. But what makes them believe as such? I think the number one reason is the fact that the Philippines is historically rich. The country has been under Spanish rule for over three centuries. Before the Spaniards came, there were already various civilizations occupying almost all of the islands in the archipelago. Nations rich in history are also rich in treasures. Treasure hunters are aware of this. That’s why they have been arriving in this country in droves.

What kind of treasures are these hunters looking to find in the Philippines? Most of them sought historical items like objects from the times of the Spanish occupation. There are also those looking for items from pre-colonial times. These are rather very rare so they often come at very steep prices. Some Filipinos have made a career of hunting for these historical objects then selling them off to foreign treasure hunters and collectors. It’s not uncommon to hear of Filipino antique buyers and sellers becoming millionaires.

There are also those who come into this country to look for famous treasures like the Yamashita Treasure. This treasure which is allegedly composed of hundreds of gold bars hidden and buried in the country by Japanese soldiers during the end of World War II has attracted hundreds of treasure hunters over the years. The search for parts of this treasure continue up to this day. As you are reading this article, there are probably men currently digging a tunnel somewhere in Benguet, a province in Luzon where most people believe the treasures had been buried by the Japanese soldiers.

Another reason explaining the influx of treasure hunters into the country is the almost non-existent government regulation concerning the buying and selling of antiques and historical items. It’s almost too easy to bring an item out of the country. SMuggling is very rampant which is due to both incompetence and corruption within the agencies concerned with the exportation of items out of the country.
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