October 28, 2013

A Good Example of a Unique Online Marketer and SEO Professional CV

About Me:A trained digital marketer and an experienced marketing analyst, I take pride of the fact that after several years of being in the online marketing industry, I was able to help hundreds of individuals, businesses, and brands attain positive results with regards to their online plans and goals. From market research to website optimization to reputation management, I've been there with them to make certain that everything plays out according to their plans. And that the desired results continue to flow towards the clients in the long run. These years of hands-on experience has unveiled all the ups and downs of the internet marketing industry thus molding me into a BETTER and MORE well-informed online marketer/analyst.

I'm proficient in the following fields:
*Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
*Digital Public Relations
*Online Reputation Management
*Keyword Research
*Search Engine Rankings Analysis
*Social Media Marketing and Social Media Reputation Management
*Market Research and Analysis

Achievements and Qualifications:I completed a full university course on internet marketing. The course focused on the tools, tactics and best practices of interactive marketing. Parts of the topics covered were web analytics applications, search engine marketing techniques, viral marketing strategies, and profit-oriented web design. This is where I got started and polished my digital marketing skills. While in the process of completing the course, I worked part-time in related fields like content marketing, video optimization and promotion as well as social media marketing. I helped local businesses and brands build their online exposure through web 2.0 sites like Facebook, Twitter, and various blogging platforms such as Wordpress, Medium and Blogger.

Online visibility is the utmost concern when a business decides to go digital. With a HUGE interest on online markets and how they work, I invested a large chunk of my time helping entrepreneurs and companies expand their online reach. I've focused mainly on search engines (Google in particular) and how they can be utilized for marketing campaigns. In the process, I've worked alongside experts in the fields of search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online reputation management.Working alongside peers and professionals from various fields in the online marketing industry was a learning experience on its own. I picked up a trade, a tip, a trick, a strategy, etc. from every work experience.

Another niche I extensively work on is market research and analysis. I provide my services to various clients from small local businesses to large international companies. I help them find markets for their products before the products are even created. That's market research. Market analysis on the other hand involves helping the clients determine if the identified potential market is profitable or sustainable enough.

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