October 9, 2013

Technowise 360 Review: Is Technowise 360 a Scam? - Part II

Note: This is part two of my Technowise 360 review. If you haven't read Part I yet, I suggest that you go read it first before you continue reading this Part II. The first part of this article can be found here. I've decided to break up the review into two parts because the article was rather too long and I'm afraid that people may get bored reading such a long stretch of text.

And here are the cons (the things I don’t like about Technowise 360):
1. They aren’t offering anything new. They may have introduced a few things on their referral system but these really don’t account much. It’s still the old and traditional referral system with a few added bells and whistles, that’s all. It’s basically “get more referrals and earn more”. You see, there’s really nothing that you can introduce to change the referral concept. Furthermore, their products are also not original products. These are products that you can purchase somewhere else. These are health, personal care, fitness, whitening, and cosmetics products from other companies like Nature’s Way. So the question is why buy from Technowise 360 when you can buy the same products from other companies at lower prices? You see, Technowise 360 here is simply acting like a retailer so in order for them to profit from the products, they need to put a premium on the prices of the products. In a nutshell, Technowise 360 aren’t offering original products. If you sign up as a distributor, it will be much harder for you to sell your products because there will be a ton of competition out there.

2. They also have a loading business which is also unoriginal. I mean come on, there are dozens of loading businesses out there. Can’t Technowise please come up with something new so that we don’t have to compete with the thousands of loading businesses already saturating the market? In this Technowise 360 review, it’s worth mentioning that I checked out their loading opportunity and it does have its perks but I don’t really see how it can be sustainable. It just requires too much work for too little proceeds. I have to say that it’s really not worth it.

3. Joining, registering, and setting up your account is rather too complicated. I’m not a technically-savvy individual but when I browsed through the sign-up process, I got lost quite a few times. I can only imagine the confusion of less tech-savvy persons in joining the company. I would suggest that Technowise 360 create a much better and smoother sign-up process as the current one can only frustrate those trying to join.

4. The lies. The company, the founders and members of Technowise 360 may be aware or not aware of it but they are unconsciously propagating lies regarding the company and the business opportunity it’s offering. For instance, the website says that there will be “no selling”. Look, promotion is selling even if you are simply getting people to sign up and they purchase products on their own. In most instances, a distributor uses the products in the inventory to attract people to join. That in itself is selling (getting people to buy into the company).

The conclusion of this Technowise 360 review:
As much as I admire the ambition and the goals of the founders in creating and setting up such a company, I really don’t see it as sustainable. They have a business model that’s overused already and currently being employed by thousands of other companies. And they have products that are already available somewhere else. I don’t really see how Technowise 360 can grow as a business. You see, in order to thrive in the MLM industry, you should at least have a unique product or service, not a rehashed business model and products that can be bought from a nearby department store. However, if you still wish to try out Technowise 360, you may do so. If you have 360 pesos to spare, why not try it out. Don’t raise your expectations too high though. As I said earlier, I don’t see how Technowise 360 will be able to sustain itself in the long run.

I hope you found our Technowise 360 review helpful. If you have anything to say like recommendations and suggestions, please feel free to leave your feedback at the comments section below. Thanks a lot.

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  1. I'm a member of a technowise360. para po sa kin. I find it very transparent and brilliant. totoo yan u have to be techie ika nga para maka join kasi lahat ng transaction is online. at ang ads nila is in english. meron nga ako nakausap, binigyan ko ng link. sabi nya di ko alam. di ko maintindihan. kasi sa dami po ways of earning malilito ka kung anong diskarte o pag iintindi. ika nga u have to study business before u enter. i would say hindi lahat ng company na hndi mlm ay sustainable na. kung di sila gagamit ng tao like artista o sikat na tao walang bibili agad sa knila.

    technowise is an onlineshop. they want to become like amazon or e-bay. they have different products that i would say di sya ganon kamura tulad na lng din ng mga ibang mlm like nature's way or alive... ang purpose nila ay magkaroon ng loyal customers sa bibili sa onlineshop nila kaya my cashback. just like sa sm advantage. since, just like avon na rin, if u cant buy their products pwede mo rin nmn ibenta. we have our own replicated sites or para na ring sa amazon or google na pag mag lagay ka ng ads sa blog mo at my bumili doon, my comision ka.

    i hope this one will help sa my mga katanungan sa technowise.

    by the way, i started last week of october and til now wala pa akong direct refs. mas focus akong advertise sya at the same time im a consumer which i'm happily using my shopping voucher sa amount na P2100. i invest 7heads so 360x 7.
    so far, dami po inquiries. sympre parang ako din, i study what their product is. browse browse muna ng site bago ako sumali. and it took me 2-3mons. i guess bago ako nag pa member.
    as what other business in the market today. local or international . mlm or not still we cannot say hanggang saan ito tatagal. kaya nga ang pag iiinvest sa negosyo ay isang risk-taking talaga.

  2. hi...miss lIene mag babayad ka ba ng membership na 360 ph..? unlike sa other online job wla pong membership fee...

    1. Sir rene this is an online business kaya syempre mag iinvest po tayo.Thanks


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