December 13, 2013

A Strategy Guide for New Clash of Clans Players

Playing a game for the very first time can be a bit confusing. The very popular combat and strategy game Clash of Clans is no different. With that said, below is a simple strategy guide which you can follow to ensure that you start playing the game the right way. The main premise of the game involves building and protecting clans, conquering other villages and training troops. So there's the continuity factor. If you conquer and loot an enemy village, you have to set up measures and defenses to protect it from other clans. Below is a simple guide on how the game is played:

Selecting a Unit:
It's probably best for beginners to start in single player mode. Familiarize yourself with how the game is played by selecting various troops and villages. Also experiment with defense strategies and try to determine which defenses work well with particular attackers. Consider this as your training before you engage with serious and more competitive gamers.

Investing in Both Defense and Offense:
Clash of Clans is a strategy game so you have to be knowledgeable in both offense and defense techniques. Your clan may have the strongest troops but if the defenses of your villages are less than par, you will be very vulnerable to raids by other clans. All the resources your strong troops have acquired will only be stolen by other clans because you didn't have the appropriate defense measures installed to protect such resources. That said, train and upgrade your troops very well but don't forget to build walls and towers to protect your villages.
Clash of Clans 3
Clearing Additional Space:
When you plan on creating more space, you need to consider the expenses involved. The more space you create, the more resources you are going to spend. A lot of players use the strategy of clearing smaller items first before they lock on the bigger ones. This allows them to save up on resources like coins and elixirs.

Saving Gems:
Gems are very important in Clash of Clans. They are what you use to build troops and villages as quickly as possible. However, a lot of players make the mistake of using up their gems early on in the game. This is not a good strategy at all. You, as a player, should learn how to save up on your games and use them on much more valuable purchases.

These are the most basic aspects of the game Clash of Clans. If you are able to fully grasp these, then you are on your way to successfully playing the game.

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