December 11, 2013

Declaration of Pendency/Non-Pendency of Case Form - Where and How to Get It?

The Declaration of Pendency/Non-Pendency of Case is a document required by the Government Service Insurance System or GSIS from government retirees.

My mother who retired after a long career of government service under the Department of Education (formerly the Department of Education, Culture and Sports) has been following up her papers with regards to her retirement benefits. Among the required documents by the GSIS is the Declaration of Pendency/Non-Pendency of Case. During the time that the GSIS messaged my mother that she needs to submit a copy of the Declaration, she was in the province so she asked me to get her a copy from the GSIS branch in Baguio City.
So I went at their office and secured one. I thought getting a form would be a bit of work but it wasn't. This is a one-page form that the applicant has to fill up. To get a form of the Declaration, you have to go to a GSIS office near you. You don't have to present anything. Just go straight to the Members Assistance section of the office and ask for a form. You can ask for several copies if you want.

Download the form online
If you don't want to visit a GSIS office or if there isn't an office near you or if there is one but it is too far, there's an alternative option for you. You can download a copy of the form from the internet. There ar several copies floating around if you know where to look.

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