December 17, 2013

How to Start a Sari-Sari Store Business in the Philippines

Sari-sari store business shops are everywhere in the Philippines. Wherever you go, whether in an urban setting like the capital city of Manila or a rural area, these small stores are very common. One of the main reasons why these stores are so popular is the fact that they are too easy to set up. All you really need is store space, an initial inventory of goods, shelves to display such goods, a cash box and you are good to go. You will be making money in no time.

Is a sari-sari store a profitable business?
Just like any type of business, a sari-sari store's profitability depends on a lot of factors. But yes, running one can be profitable and can earn you a substantial amount of additional or even full-time income. Of course, the amount of net profit you generate, say on a monthly basis, will depend on the size of your store and the number of customers. The simple fact that there are thousands of Filipinos running sari-sari stores all over the country means they are getting something out of it. If they are not turning in profits, then they should all have closed by now.

How do you get started?
The most important things when setting up your sari-sari store business are the following: store space, initial funding, and the necessary permits, licenses or papers to legally operate the business. If you don't have the necessary permits to run a store, sooner or later you'll find yourself in trouble. Authorities can shut down your store if you don't show proof that you are lawfully conducting business.

Finding the right location for your sari-sari store.
The best space would be one that's as near as possible to sources of foot traffic. This is why business owners are so fond of putting up stores near road intersections and bridges and well-traversed streets because their stores will have maximum visibility. Other great locations include spaces near schools, public markets, and loading stations for public utility vehicles. Of course, you have to consider the competition in said locations. Just because a space is near a place where a lot of people pass by doesn't mean it's a great location. What if there are dozens of other sari-sari stores already established in the area.

What to sell in your sari-sari store business.
Think of the basic items that people consume on a regular basis. These include food items like canned goods, noodles, rice, soy sauce, vinegar, instant coffee, and preserved foods such as dressed chicken, tocino, dried fish, hotdogs and longganisa. Skin and hair products like soap and shampoo are also items that sell briskly. You should also keep inventories of dry goods like slippers and office supplies like pad paper and ballpens. For additional income, you can also use your store as a loading station for Smart, Globe, Sun and Touch Mobile subscribers.

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