January 27, 2014

How To Earn Money Online In The Philippines

Set Up A Blog Then Monetize It
This website you are currently reading is a blog. I am using Blogger, Google's own blogging platform. However, you won't see the “blogspot” in the URL because I registered and bought my own domain name. It's all up to you if you want to make use of another platform like Wordpress, Tumblr, etc. It is very important however that you get your own domain name. There are so many restrictions if you are not going to purchase a customized domain name. It will be very difficult for you to monetize your blog if it has a URL that goes like yoursite.wordpress.com. For example, Wordpress doesn't allow Google Adsense ads to be placed in blogs with such URLs. So to maximize monetization opportunities, you should buy your own domain name.

How To Monetize A Blog
If you look closely at this blog you are reading right now, I'm using two monetization techniques – Adsense ads and Infolinks ads. The Adsense ads include the links right above every blog post title, the text/image ads right after every blog post title, and the text/image ads in the side bar. The Infolinks ads on the other hand are the words or phrases within the blog posts that are colored green and with dashes under them. If you hover the mouse cursor over these words or phrases, an ad will pop up.

For this blog, Adsense ads perform much better than Infolinks ads. That said, if I were you, I'll sign up and try Adsense first before using Infolinks.

There are so many other ways on how to monetize your blog beside Adsense and Infolinks. The best monetization methods will depend on the nature of your blog, the niche, the traffic source and several other factors.

Here's an overview of methods in monetizing a blog:
1. Display Adsense ads.
2. Implement Infolinks.
3. Sign up with the Amazon Affiliate program and start promoting Amazon products in your blog.
4. Offer advertising space in your blog for interested advertisers. These ads can be in the form of banner ads or links.
5. Display Chitika ads. Chitika is similar to Adsense.
6. Implement Kontera ads. Kontera works just like Infolinks.
7. Display Nuffnang ads. Nuffnang is an advertising program that specifically targets blogs and websites in the Asia-Pacific region.
8. Sell your own products via your blog. For instance, if you have written an ebook, you can offer it for sale in your blog.
9. Use your blog to promote and sell services. If you are a freelance writer, graphic designer, social media consultant, etc., you can utilize your blog gain more clients.
10. Promote affiliate products. Affiliate products are goods that you don't own but you can sell and earn from the sales that you refer. The most popular affiliate programs out there include Amazon, Clickbank, eBay and Commission Junction.

Write And Create Content For Revenue-Sharing Websites
If you are not familiar with revenue-sharing websites, allow me to define them for you. As the term implies, revenue-sharing websites are websites that allow you to publish articles/content in them. In return, whatever revenue your articles will earn will be shared or split with you. Common split ratios are 50:50, 60:40 and 70:30.

The most popular revenue-sharing websites today are Squidoo, InfoBarrel, HubPages, Seekyt, TopicSpotter, Zujava and Wizzley.

Here are short descriptions of the sites just mentioned:
1. Squidoo: Squidoo is one of the pioneers of revenue-sharing websites. It's been around for several years now. Famous marketing expert and author Seth Godin is a co-founder of the site. Squidoo pays its writers via PayPal usually in the 15th of every month. Revenue split is 50:50. However, Squidoo follows a revenue-sharing system that is quite complicated. It makes use of a tier system in determining how much a lens (this is a term used to refer to a page in Squidoo) should be paid. You can learn more about this tier system when you join the site. Click here to register on Squidoo now!
2. InfoBarrel: InfoBarrel is also one of the oldest players in the revenue-sharing arena. Revenue split is 75:25. Click here to register with InfoBarrel now!
3. Wizzley: Wizzley is a new revenue-sharing site. It launched in the middle of 2011 and it's been steadily growing ever since. A lot of writers are earning really good extra income from the site. Wizzley has several similarities to Squidoo with regards to the creation of content, the most prominent of which is the use of content modules. Initial revenue split is 50:50 but this increases as you write more articles in the site. Click here to register with Wizzley now!
4. Seekyt: Among the sites in this list, Seekyt, in my opinion, has the best website design. The design is very well-optimized for ads. It's no wonder that Seekyt has higher Adsense clickthrough rates compared to other revenue-sharing websites. Revenue split is70:30. Click here to register with Seekyt now!
5. Zujava: Zujava is a new site. It was launched in early 2012. The first payouts for its writers were released in the middle of May. And the payouts were very promising. The earning potential is really good. Zujava follows the tier system being used by Squidoo in determining the revenue shares of its writers.Click here to register with Zujava now!
6. TopicSpotter: TopicSpotter is a sister site of Seekyt. If you look at both sites, the similarities are pretty obvious. Just like Seekyt, TopicSpotter has a very ad-friendly website design. Revenue split is 70:30. Click here to register with TopicSpotter now!
7. HubPages: There was a time when HubPages was the most popular revenue-sharing site. But due to algorithm updates by Google, HubPages was among the sites that were negatively affected. The site suffered and so does the earnings of its writers. HubPages is steadily gaining back its old self though. That said, it's still a good place to write for and earn from. Click here to sign up with HubPages now!

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