March 16, 2014

Frontrow Review: A Former Member Of Frontrow Philippines Speaks Up

A former member of Frontrow Philippines left a comment on our own review of the company and the business opportunity it's offering. We are republishing the comment he/she left because we find it to be very informative and detailed. We hope that this will reach more people so that they will be better informed.

Here's the comment in full:

Hi since I saw this, I just want to add my inputs (I became a member of this company through hype. I know, stupid me, I'm never one to lament my failures). Anyway, I quit (just didn't show up anymore, the reasons why will be made clear). There is no refund for the membership fee.

Here are some points:

1. They have products and they are good yes. However, the compensation plan is focused on recruitment. Which in the long run is not sustainable. This is the reason why other multi-level marketing companies don't use the binary system because think about it, the more people you recruit into the system the less buyers you'll have. Unless the owners change this expect this to collapse. Binary plans feature an exponential increase in recruitment however it will plateau because a)limited number of recruitment possible and b)perceived market saturation. No buyer will want to be part of it.

2.It is literally and figuratively a cult. Seriously, if you want to earn there you're going to have to really work hard on recruiting and inviting people to join up. And don't let those millionaires fool you. They work harder because they have to convince people to join. Remember that Frontrow's compensation plan is based on the binary system with a corresponding pairing (meaning if recruit a from the left side has a direct referral, and recruit b from the right side has a direct referral. The system will match these referrals and give you a bonus)

3. They are legal yes but I can honestly say some of their members are unethical. If you check some of the FB profiles of the high-earners (those earning P20,000.00 per week) they'll state they studied in La Salle or some big university. That is a lie. Majority of them went to schools like STI. Some are even drop-outs. This is to create the illusion that they are respectable.

4. The working hours. In their opportunity seminars, they'll say you are your own boss. This again is a lie. You actually have to stay in the office up until 2:00 am because of the many meetings and get-togethers. They'll say it's not required but honestly you'll be living in the office. It actually exceeds the normal 8 hours of a regular job. Again, don't let those millionaires fool you. They make it seem easy because they have to.

5. What the speakers don't say is that they have prior experience in other networking companies. They'll say that they succeeded in under 2 years in Frontrow. What they don't include is their prior experience in other companies. It's a very hard road to be a professional networker.

6. Again don't let the millionaires fool you. Sure they may have made millions however that came out of majority of members who quit. I actually invite the millionaires to not contact their members and downlines. They keep on harping about "financial freedom". Well, let's see it then. Don't contact your members let's see if they're still free.

Don't get me wrong ah, I have nothing against Frontrow. I am stating some facts and research. It's up to you if you want to join however I've outlined the real Frontrow. The one they don't advertise.

Oh as follow-up, they'll show you that it's possible to earn P10,000,000.00 in 2 years. Yes, mathematically it's possible however it doesn't take into account the reality of market forces and perceived market saturation.

Honestly, the amount of effort you have to put it here is so much that it's really not worth it fronting up P4,000.00.

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