March 21, 2014

Plight Of Foreigner Supposedly Robbed By Taxi Driver In The Philippines Goes Viral Online

A video posted on Facebook about a foreigner who claims to have been robbed by a taxi driver leaving him stranded in the Philippines has gone viral on the social networking site. As of this writing, the video has been shared over 25,000 times.

In the 18-second video taken by John Carlo Marcelo Bontia, the foreigner named Marty Robins claims that he's stuck in the Philippines because he got robbed by a taxi driver. According to him, his money, passport, and credit cards were taken away from him.

The description for the video shed some lights about Robins' story. According to the description, Robins has been stuck in the Philippines for 7 months now and that he can't get help from the embassy because processing his papers would cost him $170 (Canadian dollars). He said that he doesn't have that amount. He also added that he doesn't have relatives here or outside of the country who can help him. And he further claimed that he has been robbed four times.

Although the response for the post is generally sympathetic, there are some netizens who doubt his story. Some people say that many parts of his story don't make any sense. These doubts and questions include the following:

1) Why would the Canadian embassy not help him as he claimed?  It's strange to think that the embassy would turn him out just because he doesn't have the money to process his papers.
2) He said that he's been vacationing in the Philippines every two months. Surely, during these visits, he was able to meet friends or contacts who can help him out.
3) He claimed to have been robbed four times. Did these robberies happen after the initial robbery wherein his passport and credit cards were taken away from him?
4) Even if his credit cards were taken from him, it's really not that difficult to have them replaced.
5) And then there's this photo:

This photo was posted on the comment thread of the video posted by Bontia. The one who posted the photo claimed that the person encircled in red is Robins. The full description for the photo says:
"mga kababayan yan mr robinson tinlungan yan ng kababayang nting si mr JOEL G. SIGAYA dito sa las pinas tinuring cyang kapmilya pnatira nia sa bahay at tutulongan na mkapag prrocess ng papeles nia pabalik sa canada pro sa kabila ng pag tulong sa kanya nagawa nya png umalis ng walang paalam tinangay nia ung puhunan sa mantika 30k pna bloter n cya dito sa brgy nmin sa imigration at sa embassy nla kya pagpunta nia sa embassy may kso cyang hahrapin si mr.joel sigaya na stress sa gnawa sa kanya ni mr robinson nagkasakit dahil sa nawalng puhunan nia sa nagpost ng video pkitawagan mo rin si mr sigaya ito ang no. nia 09339993948 at vsa mbigyan din cya ng tulong makapag tinda uli ng mantika kasi inutang lng din nia un ito ung katunayan na kuha ito nung nung dec.5 2013 na ksama nia c m robinson ung naka orange yan c mr joel sigaya kababayan nten ipgbigay alm nio n lng po sa mga pulis pag nkita nyo po si mr robinson. kwawa nman po ung maloloko nia. salamat po"
 If this is true, then Robbins is probably not who he says he is. His claims of being robbed four times are questionable as well.

Anyway, here is the video that went viral and below it is the full description. Watch the video, read the description, and you be the judge.

March 15, 2014, around 1 pm, i was waiting for an event in a hotel, i managed my free time to go to the baywalk for some sightseeings and taking some photos of the bay. I was sitting on the bench when i saw this guy, a foreign guy who was sitting alone with a bottle of water, he got my attention when i saw his feet has wounds and swollen. He was staring at me like he wants to say something to me. I pulled out my camera for some bay shots then he called me and said

"Please take my picture and post it on Facebook" at first, it startled me and then I walked towards him and took a photo. And I asked him "What happened to you sir?".

He told me that he's been here in the Philippines for 7 months because some taxi driver robbed him and took all his belongings like credit cards, cash, passport, etc.

And I asked him if he went to the embassy or a network station.

He said "The embassy said to me that I needed 170 canadian dollars to process my passport, and I don't know where to get that kind of money and about the network station, I tried to go there but they put me in the bottom list."

After that I asked him "Do you have any relatives here or outside the country?"

He said "I don't have relatives here or outside the country, my parents passed away last year, I came here every two months to go for a vacation, I don't have kids, I'm the only son my parents had."

Lastly I asked him "Any message you want to add?"

"My name is Marty Robins, my facebook account is I don't do drugs, I'm a God fearing person, I never lie. I've been here for 7 months, i got robbed 4 times,The taxi driver took my passport, my money, my credit cards. He took my LIFE but not my SPIRIT. Thank you for your time."

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  1. Naging curious din aq sa story na yan dahil gusto ko malaman ung real story hindi ung nabasa at nakita ko lang..Hindi ko man nalaman ang iba pang story pero nakita ko na ok na sya and hoping makauwi na nga sya..Para sa taong tumulong Gobless sau...Totoo man o hindi totoo ang kuwentom, napahanga lng aq dahil andun prin ung pagiging humanity[condition of being human] ng isang PINOY...eto ung ginawa niya..


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