April 2, 2014

CCTV camera captures footage of thief trying to steal money from a pizzeria in Iligan City (Video)

A man who tried to steal money from a pizzeria in Iligan City was caught in the act by CCTV cameras installed just behind the cashier's desk. The young man nonchalantly walked through the door of Pizzeria Bistro, headed to the counter and acted like he was about to order something. He can also be seen chatting with the lady at the counter with the obvious intention of diverting her attention.

There's paper money placed on top of the counter. It's unclear how much this is worth but it's obviously the target of the thief. In a few instances, he tried to reach for the money only to draw his hand back when the cashier looked his way. He then tried once again to divert the cashier's attention and this time the cashier fully looked away upon which the thief immediately grabbed the cash.

Upon seeing that the cash has disappeared from the counter, the cashier immediately reprimanded the thief who hesitated a little but he eventually gave up the cash he just stole. As if nothing just happened, the man merely started acting like he is about to order something.

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