June 25, 2014

39 Reasons Why You Should Hate The Philippines

A certain Angeli P. Diamante has written a great piece for the Philippine Daily Inquirer's Young Blood section wherein she made it known how much she hates this country. And if you are a Filipino updated about this country's problems and flaws, you would find yourself nodding to all the things she hated. I counted the instances Diamante used the phrase "I hate..." and it's a whopping 39. I've made a simplified list of the things she hates (things we hate too) below.

1) Corrupt and idiotic politicians.
2) Stupid voters voting for incompetent politicians.
3) Voters selling their votes.
4) Leaders taking advantage of people and their taxes.
5) The theft of the aid money intended for Typhoon Sendong victims.
6) How illegal logging killed over a thousand people during Typhoon Sendong.
7) The role of corruption in letting illegal logging continue.
8) The pork barrel scam.
9) The uncaring elite.
10) The demotion of the Filipino race from a strong one to one that's a servant to other nations.
11) The inefficient transport system.
12) Waiting hours to board a train only to be suffocated by the bodily odors of other passengers.
13) The killer buses in the streets of Manila.
14) Traffic everywhere.
15) Roads that are forever "under repair".
16) Traveling within the Philippines is more expensive than traveling to say Singapore or Hong Kong.
17) Country roads that suck.
18) The focus in Metro Manila instead of the whole Philippines.
19) News networks suck because they don't cover other areas as much as they cover Metro Manila.
20) Manila is overcrowded.
21) Privileged students from top schools are clueless about the life in the provinces.
22) Many Filipinos believe that the Philippines is only Metro Manila.
23) Many Filipinos are poor.
24) Too many child beggars.
25) Squatters everywhere.
26) Public health services suck.
27) The myth of Filipino resilience.
28) The media's preference of covering the likes of Vhong Navarro instead of covering more important issues.
29) Brilliant people leaving the country because there are better opportunities abroad.
30) Parents leaving their children behind to work abroad because there are no jobs here.
31) There's very little hope for this country.
32) Justifying why you have to leave this country.
33) It's hard to leave but it's what you need to do to secure a better life for yourself.
34) The inspiration to stay and fight for this country often comes from foreigners instead of from fellow Filipinos.
35) Foreigners appreciate the country more than Filipinos do.
36) The country's woes and problems are getting worse every year.
37) The strong idealism from the youth wanes as they get older.
38) The country is seemingly hopeless.
39) The more you understand the country's problems, the less hope you will have that it will ever get out of them.

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