June 23, 2014

Cat Drags Owl Into A Man's Kitchen. Man Becomes Owl Whisperer.

What would you do if your cat drags an owl into your kitchen? Getting an owl out of one's house is serious business. Colton Wright had to go through such a predicament when he came home one night and found out that his cat Izzy has dragged an owl into his kitchen.

After chasing Izzy off, Colton tried everything to get the owl off the kitchen to no avail. 40 minutes went by and the owl is still in his kitchen. That's when Colton came up with the idea of using a Swiffer and coaxing the owl with some talking and whispering. It worked.

Here's Colton finding the owl in his kitchen:

And here's Colton finally getting the owl out by becoming the Owl Whisperer:

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