June 26, 2014

Man Hands Out New Shoes, Socks, And Sandals To Help Homeless People In Tampa, Florida

Omar, the man behind the YouTube channel OmarGoshTV, has earned a lot of admiration and respect after a video of his went viral online. As a prankster, most of Omar's YouTube videos are fun-filled pranks on unsuspecting people. He deviated from his usual routine by helping homeless people out instead of pranking people. The video of him and his son handing out new pairs of shoes, socks and sandals to the less fortunate quickly became his most viewed video to date. Since being uploaded on June 9, the video now has over half a million views.

With his son in tow, Omar roamed the streets of Tampa, Florida giving shoes, sandals and socks to the city's homeless. For one homeless man who didn't have a shirt on his back, Omar took off his black shirt and gave it to the man. Since going viral, Omar's act of kindness has been covered by several media outlets like the Right This Minute show on ABC.

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