June 24, 2014

Photos Of Jolo Ejercito Estrada's Lavish Lifestyle Goes Viral Online

When the Pork Barrel Scam erupted last year, Filipinos got very curious about the lifestyle of those tagged in it. The lifestyle of Janet Lim-Napoles who is believed by most to have masterminded the elaborate scam which carted away billions of pesos was put under the microscope. That's how people found out about the superstar life being enjoyed by her daughter Jeane. Photos of Jeane bathing in money and wearing shoes and bags worth thousands of dollars circulated online. How could she have afforded such things? As Pinoy parlance goes, "katas yan ng PDAF na ninakaw ni Mommy".

Well, a year later, public interest on Jeane's luxurious life seem to have waned probably because they got tired of it. And when it looks like the Filipino people are starting to get over it, another offspring of another person implicated in the scam gets into the spotlight with a lifestyle that's comparable to Jeane's.

Joseph Luis Ejercito aka Jolo Ejercito is the son of Senator Jinggoy Estrada, one of the Philippine senators who is now being detained in Camp Crame after being arrested on plunder and graft charges in connection with the Napoles Pork Barrel Scam. Photos of Jolo Ejercito's lavish lifestyle have gone viral online. Most of the photos were taken from his Instagram account which is now inactive after being deactivated.

The website Manila Speak (manilaspeak.com) broke out the photos but due to the massive traffic generated by the controversial photos, the website crashed. Let's take a look into some of the photos below. (All photos courtesy of manilaspeak.com)

Here's the Senator's son hanging out in what looks like the inside of a private jet. It's unlikely that Jolo owns the jet. Maybe his father Jinggoy owns it? Or a friend owns it?

And here's a photo of a pair of expensive Louis Vuiton shoes. Jolo can be given the benefit of the doubt here. He is after all an actor and he could have purchased these shoes with his earnings.
 Fair is fair.

Now here's a collage of photos taken at the Presidential Suite of the Manila Hotel. According to the post by Manila Speak, a night in this suite will cost you about Php95,000 to Php100,000. Even a very successful actor will find such prices steep. Can Jolo afford such prices with his own earnings?

Now this is the photo that a lot of people find to be the most irksome. Why is Jolo holding a diplomatic passport? Section 7 of the amended Philippine Passport Act of 1996 states that diplomatic passports can only be given to "spouses and unmarried minor children" of officials on a diplomatic mission. Jolo is no longer a minor. That said, he is not entitled to the privilege.

In conclusion, although it's but fair to give Jolo Ejercito the benefit of the doubt, it's also not illogical to think that his lavish lifestyle is the result of something else other than his own earnings. Here he is again at that private jet. Whose private jet is this again?

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