June 20, 2014

Ultra Proactive Marketing Inc. Review: Is It A Scam?

Network marketing or multi-level marketing seems to be very alive in the Philippines. A very new entry into the industry is a company that calls itself Ultra Proactive Marketing Inc. Not many people are aware of this company so I decided to do a little bit of investigation to determine if it's worth it investing some hard-earned money in them. Is Ultra Proactive Marketing Inc. a scam? Find out in my initial review below.

About the company
Let's just call them Ultra for simplicity's sake. The About page of their website has this to say: "The company’s major interest is to create seamless, channel of distributions for its products and services around the world likewise open business opportunities to every person that benefits the products and services. With this work we are here to help every individual that we will reach who will believe in our belief and intention with the best of what we can as we move on."

Hmmmm. I am not impressed. There are too many grammar issues here. Why should I trust a company who can't even get their grammar correct in the About page of their website. We're not just talking about a single grammar issue here. The whole thing's a jumble of errors. Well, you could say that the grammar mistakes are irrelevant and they should not matter. I beg to disagree. If you want me to invest in your business, you better know what you are talking about and how you communicate to me.

The company's vision and mission is typical jargon as far as visions and missions are concerned. It's our mission to become the best in this industry in the world blah blah blah. So far, I'm not impressed. I'm getting more and more disoriented actually.

As to the founders of Ultra Proactive Marketing Inc., their website listed two names - a Fredie Villamor (CEO and President) and a Rod Banag (Treasurer). Never heard about them. They seem to be decent fellows with their nice ties and coats but they don't strike me as the most reliable people to be heading a company that sells personal care products.

Their products
Here lies my biggest issue with Ultra Proactive Marketing Inc. Their products all look like crap to me. You can visit their website at ultraproactive.com and view their stuff to see what I mean. As expected, they claim a ton of positive things that their products can do like the following:
1. protects the heart
2. reduces chances for cancer
3. prevent heart attack
4. boosts the immune system
5. etc. etc.

And of course, there's always the notification in their products that say "no approved therapeutic claims. Basically, what this means is "it hasn't been proven that our products actually does the things we claim they can do". At this point, I would recommend to the reader that you stay away from this company. If their products are no good, then investing in them is no good. That's my honest opinion.

The earning opportunity
Ultra offers eight ways on how to earn through them. And most of these involve recruitment. There's no surprise about that of course. Look at the image below to find out what these eight ways are. Basically, what it says is you'll earn more with more bonuses.
Not listed with the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines
The DSAP only list in their directory companies that they deem to be legitimate. Ultra Proactive Marketing Inc. is not on the list. This is very important if we are talking about trust and reliability.

In conclusion
I still don't have enough evidence to say that Ultra Proactive Marketing Inc. is a scam. However, I would recommend that you stay away from it. It hasn't proven itself yet. Their products look very shady. You have to ask yourself "Do they have products that I'm willing to use myself?" And they aren't listed in the DSAP directory. To end this review, I advise that you use your common sense and critical thinking in deciding whether it's worth investing in Ultra or not.

Thanks for reading and be guided accordingly. If you have comments and reactions, please feel free to leave them below.

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  1. The product PROMAG 300 completely took away the persistent pain in my ankle with just one of their free promotional sessions! It's a long story but that is the bottomline.
    I have to try it to believe it ... that's me! He he!


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