June 25, 2014

Video Of New People's Army Rebels Ambushing A Plantation In Compostela Valley Goes Viral Online

This video of what looks like New People's Army (NPA) rebels staging an ambush in Southern Mindanao has gone viral on social media sites especially on Facebook with several uploads getting thousands of shares. The 40-minute video shows several rebels crouched in an open truck. With someone giving the signal, they suddenly sprang up and opened fire at what looks like an outpost a few meters away from the truck.

A rebel is also seen falling to the floor of the truck with blood streaming from his neck area. It isn't clear if he was hit by friendly fire or enemy fire.
It's difficult to know the source of the video. Who uploaded it first online? Did the rebels upload it? Or maybe the army captured the rebel who took the video thus taking possession of the video camera as well.

Sources also point out that the attacks happened in 2012. Archived news articles indicate that the the attack happened at a private banana plantation in Compostela Valley.

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer: "Six New People’s Army guerrillas were killed in a battle with Army soldiers and private guards of the banana plantation of the Japanese Sumitomo Fruits Corp. (Sumifru) in Compostela Valley on Monday, police said. Superintendent Jose Carumba, spokesperson of the Southern Mindanao police, said the rebels arrived at the Sumifru plantation in Barangay Tuburan in Mawab on a mini-truck around 3 p.m. and immediately fired on an outpost manned by company guards."

From the Philippine Star: "At least six alleged leftist rebels were killed during an attack on a Japanese-owned banana plantation in the southern Philippines today, police and the military said. Police and military seized five high-powered firearms, including a light machine gun in the incident that occurred in Mawab town, in Mindanao's Compostela Valley province, said Jose Carumba, spokesperson of the southern Mindanao police."

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