July 29, 2014

Who Is Mang Kanor And Why Is He Trending Online?

One of the most searched terms today on Yahoo! Philippines is "Mang Kanor". If you are a user of the search portal, you might be shaking your head as to who this Mang Kanor is. Well, after doing a little bit of Googling, it seems like this Mang Kanor is some sort of an urban legend. It's hard to know if there's any truth to the stories surrounding him. But the story goes that this man is a middle-aged guy who had an intimate relationship with a minor in Muntinlupa, Manila.

According to the story, he pays for the girl's expenses as well as education in exchange for her affection. It's not that there's anything wrong with that. What's wrong with the picture is that the girl is a minor. The story dates back to 2012 where it first spread online in social media sites and forums.

Connected to the story is the name of a girl but we won't be mentioning her name here out of respect for the fact that she is underaged. Mang Kanor himself is very mysterious. Although there are photos of him that circulated online, not much is known as to who he really is. Some say he is from Davao. Some say he is from Bicol. Some say he is from Samar. Some say he is a former policeman while others say he is a college professor. In short, nobody knows for sure what he does for a living nor where he came from.

But if the story is true, then this Mang Kanor needs to face the law and the consequences of his actions. But as someone from an online forum quipped "There is a possibility that this story is a hoax or parts of it is a hoax."

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