August 1, 2014

Aliens Caught On Camera By A Man In Laguna?

A series of photographs taken by a man in Victoria, Laguna allegedly showed images of aliens in them. After the onslaught of typhoon Glenda over the Philippines, barangay officials of barangay San Roque in Victoria, Laguna strated cleaning out clogged canals in their area. A kagawad named Nestor Jaurigue took photos of the clean-up drive with his smartphone.

Later on, Jaurigue saw the photos in his phone and noticed that there were images of alien-looking creatures in them. The photos went viral after he showed them with friends and relatives. Jaurigue told Donald Castro of ABS-CBN "Napansin ko parang may alien na nakikita dun sa picture. May isa dun sa kanto. During and after kinukunan ko yun eh. (I noticed the images of aliens appearing in the picture. I took photos during and after.)"

ABS-CBN showed the photos to a professional graphics artist named Brian Vallesteros and he suggested that the photos are likely the results of photoshopping or imposition of images through image apps.

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